About Us

Crosstech Engineering is a small Christchurch based company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of water turbines.

If you are considering micro/mini hydro power (1 to 500 kW) CROSSTECH ENGINEERING can:

• Conduct feasibility and economic studies including surveying and water resource assessment.

• Provide full design service including earthworks, civil works, mechanical and electrical components.

• Assist with resource and building consent applications, negotiations with local lines and energy companies and other local authorities as required.

• Select suitable turbines including using centrifugal pumps in reverse as a turbine.

• Design and manufacture pelton wheels and crossflow turbines in the 1 to 200 kW power range.

• Design and manufacture of other associated mechanical hardware.

• Test turbine and system performance.

• Undertake project installation, especially civil works and turbine/alternator/pump and other mechanical components.

• Provide overall project supervision.

• Undertake provision of ongoing system maintenance.

Crosstech Engineering also undertakes general engineering consultancy work, particularly design and build projects for irrigation and water supply.

The company principal, Graeme Martin, B.E. has close to 40 years experience in agricultural engineering, including periods lecturing at both Lincoln and Canterbury University with special interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency/conservation.